What is a Source Page?

a Source Page is a page that acts as a hub that binds the different versions of a character to the page and makes it easier for members to find a specific version of a character.

Benefits of a Source Page?

It allows us to catalogue all the different versions of a character and make it super accessible to find a certain version in the event of an upgrade or a revision, also it allows us to avoid having to use a huge amount of keys for a single profile and make each profile neat and coherent.

Requirements for a Source Page

  • When a Character has 3 pages or more
  • Characters that appear in multiple alternative versions (most notably comic book characters)

Examples of Characters with/or Need Source Pages

  • Superman
  • Mario
  • Sonic
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Characters that appear in mythology and have been reused in a huge amount of media. for example Zeus

Standard Format for a Source Page

Character ProfileEdit

Description of the Character

Basic InfoEdit

Name: (Self Explanatory)

Origin: The story or franchise where the character comes from

Gender: (Self Explanatory)

Age: (Self Explanatory)

Classification: Is the Character a Mage,Ninja ect

Archetype: Fictional Characters fall into some sort of archetype be it the Protagonist,Antagonist, Supporting Character. for more information see Archetypes

Power StatsEdit

a Link to one of the Characters Profiles


For members who like the character


members who do not like the character


members who are neutral to the character